The Beginning Stages of Change in Addiction Recovery

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just drop everything and completely change your life at the drop of a hat?

Unfortunately, it is not that simple…

But, you still can make a change with hard work, dedication, and a strong support system. You do not have to stay stuck in your rut of addiction, struggling to get by. There is hope. There is help.

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But, first know that during addiction recovery you will undergo some changes:


  1. First, there is pre-contemplation.In this stage, you are aware that the negative things happening in your life are a direct consequence of your addiction, however, you continue to choose to minimize or justify your choices. You continue to come up with excuses as to why and how it could be other things and it is not necessarily just your addiction.

    This stage does not entail a great desire for change and you might feel as though you are just sleepwalking through life – ignoring the things around you.

    This might also be the stage where people start encouraging you to get help.

  2. Second, you reach the stage of contemplation.In this stage, you have a much greater awareness of the great impact that your addictive behaviors have on your life. You begin to accept that those negative occurrences might actually be a consequence of your addiction.

    You are beginning to become open to change, however, it might still be a “when ___ happens, then I will stop drinking or doing drugs.”

  3. Then, you reach the stage of preparation.At this point, you will finally begin to see that you are responsible for your choices and that you have the power to change your life. You can make the decision to get clean and improve your quality of life.

    During stage three, you also might make a verbal or written commitment and begin to decide that you are ready to commit to treatment.

  4. Finally, you reach the stage of action.You finally decide to follow through with your commitment – you decide you are worth it and that it is time to make a change.

When you decide you are ready, we will be here for you to help you make that change. Give us a call, today. The choice is yours to make.


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