Watching Out for Your Loved Ones in the Addiction Surge


Have you been worried about your loved ones getting addicted? Do you fear an overexposure of your younger siblings to media that promote addiction? 

In the past, young ones were mostly influenced by what they learned at home, in school, or within their neighborhood. With the advent of the internet and the TV, there is increased influence from people we don’t see.  

While some people are influenced positively, there is also an addiction surge in the world due to influences from online media. 

How can you protect your loved ones from the addiction surge?

How to Look Out for your Loved Ones in the Addiction Surge

  1. Reduce their Exposure to the Internet

During the height of the ISIS crisis in Syria in 2015 there was a high volume of children and teenagers from the UK and the US recruited to join the terrorist organization. It could be linked to the uncontrolled exposure of young people to the internet. 

Cutting off your loved ones totally from the internet will stop them from being able to learn important things from the internet.

However, you can restrict their usage of the internet by only allowing access to only websites with children-friendly content. You can do this by setting up privacy controls on your web browser, your home network, and the cable television. 

  • Expose Them to Right Resources

Habits are formed off of what we are exposed to. One of the ways to reduce the influence of wrong resources on your loved ones is by exposing them to the right resources.

Instead of being exposed to materials that prompt addiction to drugs, expose them to resources that teach about the harmful effects of drug abuse. Instead of exposure to materials that prompt their sexual curiosity, expose them to materials that expose them to healthy sexual lifestyles.

Arming your loved ones with information is the best tool in helping them confront the addiction surge.   

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