Features of a Good Rehab


Rehabilitation/rehab is a method of treating drug/alcohol addiction. The program is usually carried out in a residential setting and is abstinence-based. Rehab is targeted towards people who face trouble becoming drug-free in their regular community. 

The traditional model of rehab involves the patient breaking away from their normal environment and moving to a new environment that is drug-free. Newer models of rehab include receiving treatment in stages and more intense psychotherapeutic treatments. 

What are the characteristics of a good rehab? 

Characteristics of Good Rehab

Every rehab center has an exclusive system/method of treatment. However, certain features should characterize every rehab program and they include,

  1. Professional Conduct

In a good rehab program, it is expected of staff to conduct themselves professionally towards patients. 

Sexual advances from staff to residents of the centers must not be condoned. The staff should show compassion and be warm towards the patient.

Only professional staff can exhibit professional conduct. The center should have trained medical doctors, psychologists, trained nurses, and social workers.

  • Treatment Programs

Rehab is a mental health program. The center has to ensure that residents receive actual therapy instead of only isolation from their trigger objects. 

Every patient will have a system they adapt best to. One of the features of a good rehab is the presence of a variety of treatment programs. For some, they will respond better to individual or group therapy sessions. Others may respond better to nutrition therapy or the 12-step program.

  • Comfortable Environment 

This is a non-negotiable part of the rehab program. The program has to be situated in a center where patients are physically comfortable and can express themselves. 

The patient’s trigger objects and harmful substances should not be found anywhere near the center. The best locations for rehab centers are usually away from the city.    

  • Aftercare Programs

A good rehab program should include plans for patients after they leave the center. They should be able to guide patients to help them stay drug-free even after leaving the center.  

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